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New York, NY (PRWEB) June 05, 2012

Communications technology leader Plum Voice is branching out with its groundbreaking QuickFuse platform. The platform now offers the features and service level agreements long available in Plums VoiceXML and survey IVR offerings, to accommodate the varying needs of enterprises.

Plum has added new features to QuickFusebetter reporting, disaster recovery, a 100% uptime guarantee, increased capacity in Plums data centers in the U.S. and abroad, a number of professional service offerings and new price plans with tiered rates for high-volume customers. For international organizations, Plum has phone numbers in 65 countries as well as support for speech recognition and text-to-speech in 30 languages.

Enterprises need 100% uptime, global capability, tiered rates and the ability to manage global communications with a single platform said Plum CEO Andy Kuan. While QuickFuse was always ideal for small- and medium-sized organizations with a DIY attitude, its now ideal for enterprises as well.

QuickFuse is a one-of-a-kind voice application editor and platform. Its a rapid application development tool for automating phone calls, messaging and alerts, call routing and advanced IVR applications with speech recognitionin minutesusing a visual editor and library of common phone application functions.

One company to embrace QuickFuse with its new features and global reach is Vancouver-based airG, the worlds leading mobile social entertainment provider. airG offers features like chat, games and entertainment to more than 55 million unique users in over 40 countries.

We evaluated several IVRs before selecting Plum Voices QuickFuse solution, said airG Enterprise Business Analyst Sandy Sethi. QuickFuse gave us the combination of toll-free hosting, detailed reporting and global reach that we required.

QuickFuse also enhanced the companys customer service. Before we implemented an IVR, we were forwarding calls directly to a call center, said Sethi. We needed to put a solution in place that would reduce the number of calls to our call center while maintaining top-notch customer care.

airG was also looking for a solution that was easy to maintain and found QuickFuses cloud-hosted model and visual interface to be the perfect fit.

About Plum Voice:

For businesses of all sizes that demand high-performance, versatile and scalable multimodal solutions, Plum Voice offers a rare combination of proprietary technology and enterprise-grade infrastructure. We deliver web-based communications platforms that enable companies to exceed their business goals and streamline their business processes.

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