Pocket Soft Enables Android App Updates from Google Cloud

Houston, TX (PRWEB) April 16, 2013

Pocket Soft, the maker of RTPatch, has recently launched its new Android Developer software tool, Update Direct. The tool is designed to supplement off-market distribution by providing automatic, secure and efficient updating capabilities.

“Update Direct enables Android app developers to self-host their updates, so we designed it to work with any http/https server,” says Pocket Soft CTO, Kerry Jones. “Adding support for Google’s Cloud Platform was a logical next step, and one that will enable our customers to not only start slowly with free or inexpensive Google Cloud hosting, but to also scale without worrying about infrastructure… and while still keeping their hosting costs down.”

Update Direct includes client/server code to interface directly with the Google App Engine on Google Cloud Platform, making uploads automatic. Due to file size restrictions in the Google App Engine Datastore service, Update Direct instead uses the unlimited Blobstore service.

“Google’s Blobstore service is the perfect place to host Android App updates provided by Update Direct since it has no size restrictions,” says Jones. “While most Android apps are relatively small, the Google Blobstore service has the capacity to support even the largest mobile games, which can be hundreds of megabytes in size.”

Update Direct is a product of Pocket Soft, Inc., the maker of RTPatch, which has provided software updating to major corporations and government agencies since 1991. RTPatch supports all major operating systems for servers, desktop, mobile and embedded systems.


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