Partnership with IceWarp Helps LucaNet Provide New Services and Expand to New Industries

Springfield, VA (PRWEB) January 30, 2013

IceWarp has announced today a new case study that showcases the successful alliance between the company and LucaNet its largest partner in Brazil and South America.


LucaNet started out as a Bulletin Board System (BBS) back in 1990 with over 1000 members, offering files for download, discussion forums, chats between connected users, games, and other services. LucaNet even provided Internet email services , when email was not commercially available in Brazil. At the time, email could take up to one week to arrive to destination using gateways that would route emails overnight.


In 1995 the Internet became commercially available in Brazil, and the BBSs virtually ceased to exist. LucaNet adapted its business model to offer hosting services and web site development. At that time, Embratel, a major Brazilian telecommunications services provider and the only state-owned player in the market, was tasked with coordinating the first commercial ISPs to offer Internet access. The operator approached LucaNet and its CEO Fl

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