New Tech Firm Shared-Sky Launches Cloud IT Service, Sky-Workplace; The Easy to Use and Affordable Service is Designed to Help SME Businesses Store, Share and Protect Their Essential Business Data

Chelmsford, Essex (PRWEB UK) 18 July 2012

Sky-Workplace comprises a suite of Internet services from Shared-Sky for small-to-medium sized businesses, enabling them too privately, easily and affordably access, share, store and replicate data. Sync is the first product in the suite to be released and will shortly be joined by Sky-Workplace Mail, making it the only truly integrated SME cloud service for managing and protecting business information in one, easy-to use Private Cloud. Sky-Workplace delivers enterprise class features to solve real-world problems for small and medium-sized businesses.

In the rapidly growing market of Cloud applications and services where the global market for Cloud services is estimated by respected IT analysts Gartner to reach $ 21bn by 2015 with over 16% year on year growth and IDC estimates that 14m people worldwide will be employed in Cloud computing by 2015. There remains a number of key issues for both SME and enterprise businesses on how employees working data is stored, managed and then used.

Key to these issues is the following:

Where is this data held?
What jurisdiction and law applies to this stored data?
Is it managed securely and privately?
Can employees still work normally and locally on their PCs.
Does the data storage and protection solution cover both employees PC data and email data.
Is data seamlessly and continuously backed up, keeping it safe and available at all times?

Sky-Workplace provides the answers to these questions for SME businesses with Sky-Workplace Sync, which syncs and backs ups employees business data from their PCs and then allows them to share their data privately and securely across their business with their colleagues

All data is held securely and privately in Shared-Skys UK Data Centers
All data is managed under UK Jurisdiction
Users of Sky-Workplace dont have to change anything about how they work. They continue

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