Netpremacy Global Services Marketing Team Work Remotely in Australia Thanks to Google Apps for Business

UK – (PRWEB UK) 11 June 2012

London: The Netpremacy marketing team will work from Australia for three months this summer with the power of Google Apps for Business. The team has an objective of exploring the Australian market for further internationalisation to expand Netpremacys global presence to five countries, covering four continents.

A spokesperson from marketing at AppsCare (Netpremacys Google Enterprise brand) recently said Without the use of a cloud infrastructure our company would be more restricted to providing for a much smaller market size. Google Apps facilitates access to our clients, irrelevant of the physical distance, whilst still working seamlessly with other employees still in the office. Remote working in Australia will enable us to undertake new market primary research internally, saving us costs on outsourcing the research to a market research company which would have been the case without Google Apps.

From large distributed teams, to the individual employee Google Apps facilitates seamless collaboration across continents. While there are a variety of tools available to allow remote access to company resources, few enable real-time productivity anytime, anywhere across any device.

Google Apps breaks down barriers of distance, time, hardware and software to maximise productivity, regardless of employees locations or means of accessing company resources. Google Apps enables businesses to securely access cloud applications, delivered via Googles global infrastructure across multiple computers and devices. Traditional, in-house software on the other hand, often traps company information behind corporate firewalls.


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