Managing Risk and Reward in the Boundary-free Enterprise

Westport, CT (PRWEB) June 27, 2012

Cloud-positioned and Cloud-enabled capabilities are fundamentally changing what IT is acquired, what it costs, how it is acquired, how it is used, and by whom. This transformation toward what research consultancy Saugatuck Technology calls the Boundary-free Enterprise requires having the ability to assess and compare the relative Risk and Reward of selecting and using providers and their offerings, rather than technological capabilities or providers visions of markets and users. A new research report from Saugatuck provides the first effective model and methodology for assessing that relative risk and reward for enterprise IT and business leaders.

That new report, Managing Risk and Reward in the Boundary-free Enterprise, is available beginning today to clients of Saugatucks Continuous Research Services (CRS) subscription research and inquiry program. The report is also available for downloading by Saugatuck CRS clients and registered members of industry media by clicking here ( Non-subscribers to Saugatucks CRS subscription research service can purchase the report here (

There is no shortage today of models for positioning and considering IT providers and solutions, according to the reports author Mike West, vice president and distinguished analyst with Saugatuck Technology Inc. Unfortunately, these really just provide a convenient way to view a market space, and have nothing at all to do with how well-considered or well-managed are the risk elements of any solution or provider decision or, for that matter, how well a solution can deliver reward, or business value, to the buyer as an investment over time. The Saugatuck Risk/Reward model does just that, and our new report shows you how to do it.

This 14-page report looks at how the Cloud is breaking down traditional business and IT boundaries, making traditional IT assessment and management methods inadequate, and driving a rapidly-increasing need for means to visualize and assess relative risk and reward of different solutions and providers. It uses Saugatucks new Master Architecture for the Boundary-free Enterprise to illustrate this and to provide a foundation on which to build and explain the Risk/Reward Assessment model and methodology.

In the end, what matters in any IT provider or solution selection is how much risk an enterprise is willing to gamble in order to receive a certain level of business reward. Without a useful means of illustrating and comparing those, even this basic business decision is impractical at best, concludes Saugatuck SVP and head of research Bruce Guptill, who contributed to the new report.

The research report is being published and distributed to clients of Saugatucks Continuous Research Services (CRS) subscription research and inquiry program ( It will also be used by Saugatuck to brief and inform its clients, influential providers, and select other parties. Additional in-depth analysis will be provided to Saugatuck CRS clients through a series of Strategic Research Reports and Strategic Perspectives.

Managing Risk and Reward will also be a key theme, and the focus of a featured panel, at Saugatucks upcoming 2012 Cloud Business Summit conference (, to be held on November 14, 2012, at the Westin Times Square, in New York City.

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