Is the Cloud Secure? Walks Customers through their Cloud.

Pittsford, NY (PRWEB) January 19, 2011 launches a new self service cloud platform in 2010. To win customers over, their approach is to walk them through the on boarding process. Many Cloud Computing skeptics ask the question, Is the Cloud Secure? Questions and concerns regarding the security of the cloud simply come from the lack of knowledge on how your cloud provider works. takes the time to walk potential clients and cloud hosting prospects through the datacenter and will gladly show them how the cloud works behind the scenes.

LogicalSolutions.nets approach helps the customer understand where their data resides. The act of physically walking their customers to the storage hardware associates a tangible object with their cloud resources. Mike Salviski, Director of Business Development, states When security matters, invest the time to learn more about your cloud provider and take a look at the physical security.

LogicalSolutions.nets focus is on personalized cloud experiences and cloud security. Their new Rochester, NY based Data Center completed its 2011 SAS70 Type II Audit and uses 24 Hour video surveillance of the physical facility to ensure that the cloud platform is physically secure. From the network layer side of security, they offer the ability to add private firewalls to your cloud servers. also provides fully compliant HIPAA Compliant, GLBA, and PCI hosting environments.

The new cloud hosting platform supports multiple Operating Systems with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions Windows and Linux virtual machines that can be hosted simultaneously. Like many cloud hosting platforms, LogicalSolutions.nets cloud features an automatic failover process if a server becomes unavailable. If the control server does not receive a heartbeat response from a server, the automatic failover is initiated within 15 seconds. When this happens, the virtual machines residing there are automatically migrated to another suitable server in the cloud farm.

LogicalSolutions.nets cloud plans to compete on a much smaller, more personal scale than the RackSpace and Amazon Clouds which are online signup only. Another competing factor that adds is that there is no additional charge for bandwidth usage.


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