Entrata Announces Release of New Property Management Software

(PRWEB) June 13, 2012

Entrata, created by one of the nations fastest-growing technology companies, announced its upcoming release of a new, comprehensive property management software. Set to launch beta on June 28, 2012, Entrata is the first property management software built on a single database with property management, portals, accounting, CRM, screening, utilities and insurance, under one login.

For the past decade, industry consensus has identified extensive issues with existing software providers, including difficulty with third-party integration, slow development pace, disjointed platforms, inattention to customer interests and training, cumbersome interface, browser restrictions and plug-in requirements. Despite these prevalent concerns, companies continue to employ inadequate technology, in the absence of viable alternatives. In response, Entrata has been developing the most centralized accounting, operations, leasing and marketing property management software platform available. According to vice president Josh Paul, In this day and age, its unnecessary that multifamily companies should be limited by integrations and dated technology. Exorbitant integration fees, disparate platforms, redundant data entry and primitive databases all add up to poor performance, costly inefficiency and stunted profit margins. We built Entrata to provide freedom from these problems.

Among the technical features specifically unique to Entrata is the softwares advanced architecture and scalability, as well as strong customization to meet each communitys needs and requirements. Entrata is built on a single platform that includes all tools in a single cloud infrastructure, providing enhanced operating speed and seamless user experience. In order to enhance product accessibility and ease of use, Entrata is compatible with any browser and on any device, including mobile. Another defining characteristic of Entrata is a commitment to open access. One of the things that really sets us apart is the fact that we have open API and we offer free access to the core software suite, as well as data and integration points, said Paul. Also, Entratas intelligent design simultaneously brings simplicity and innovation to standard property management applications such as accounting, work order management, purchasing and vendor management, customizable permissions and control, budgeting and reporting.

While complete product details will be revealed June 29th, Entrata is available by invitation only, until further notice. Were excited about the convenience, security, and efficiency this will bring to multifamily professionals, says Paul, As with any new product release, buzz is high and skepticism is expected; but people cant afford to ignore the benefits Entrata offers.

Interested parties are asked to visit http://www.entrata.com and complete a simple online form to receive the latest updates on product availability.

About Entrata

With years of experience in the multifamily industry, Entrata is quickly becoming the nations most revolutionary property management software provider. Entrata was created to bring freedom to multifamily professionals, effectively eliminating common frustrations such as dated technology, assorted platforms, multiple interfaces, and exorbitant integration fees. Built with intelligent design and functionality, its features include centralized accounting, operations, leasing, and marketing within one, single interface. For more information, visit http://www.entrata.com.

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