Announcing Easy SSL for PHP Cloud Hosting

Rexburg, Idaho (PRWEB) June 21, 2012

Encrypted data is critical for online businesses. Yet a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) has been both difficult and costly with traditional cloud providers due to changing IP addresses and complex load balancing. Pagoda Box Cloud Hosting changes all that.

A simple dashboard now guides users through 4 ways to add SSL to PHP apps:

1. Piggyback SSL

2. Self-Signed SSL

3. Third-Party SSL

4. Wildcard SSL Certs

Piggy Back SSL

Every Pagoda Box app automatically ‘piggy-backs’ our SSL via subdomains (ex: No setup, custom domain or payment is required, which makes Piggy Back SSL ideal for developing or testing projects that need data encryption.

Wildcard SSL

Wildcard Certs assigned to a root level DNS alias ( implicitly cover all subdomains like or Adding subdomains requires no additional configuration or effort. Web developers generate and implement Wildcard Certs exactly like Third-Party certs. Existing SSL Certificates are easily transferred from previous hosts.

Third-Party SSL

Pagoda Box guides users through creating Third-Party SSL certificates from scratch, or transferring existing certificates from other hosts. Pagoda Box will generate a request to submit to an SSL provider such as Verisign, Digicert, or Thawte, who then supplies a Signed Certificate and a Certificate Authority. Paste these into corresponding fields in the dashboard, and assign to DNS Aliases through a simple dropdown.

Self-Signed SSL

This type of SSL is extremely simple to create on Pagoda Box, where onscreen instructions guide web developers through Self-Signed SSL creation. Self-Signed SSL certs securely encrypt data through HTTPS protocol, although they are not recognized by a Certificate Authority.

DNS Aliases: Point A-Records to a Unique IP

The last DNS / SSL feature from Pagoda Box simplifies changing an A-Record to point to a unique IP address. Once created, developers assign cloud SSL certificates to DNS Aliases through a simple dropdown list. Each alias with SSL receives a dedicated IP that remains unchanged, even as applications scale or migrate on Pagoda Box.

To learn more about DNS / SSL for PHP, see

About Pagoda Box, Inc.

Pagoda Box provides fully scalable php hosting for web developers, eliminating their need to configure or administrate servers. The Pagoda Box object-oriented hosting framework streamlines web development workflows with rapid deployment and simple ongoing management.

The Pagoda Box team began as a high-availability e-commerce implementation firm specialized in hosting infrastructures and deployment. In October, 2011, Pagoda Box launched a cloud PaaS to help web developers launch and manage complex cloud infrastructures without specialized training.

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